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Academic Integrity at Kean University ~ An Overview

The purpose of this tutorial is to help you become familiar with the concepts of academic integrity and to see how you can apply these concepts to your work at Kean University and beyond. By the time you complete this tutorial, you should be able to:

√  Identify properly cited text.
√  Identify the difference between use of quoted and paraphrased material.
√  Explain some of the ethical, legal, and social issues relating to the use of information.


This Academic Integrity tutorial is divided into 5 sections plus a review. Simply click the Next Page button below to proceed through the sections in order. Click Previous Page to revisit the previous screen. Alternatively, click the buttons on the left to skip directly to one of the other sections of the Academic Integrity tutorial.

Copyright 2006, Kean University Library.
Originally created by Linda Cifelli.
Edited and updated by Linda Cifelli and Caroline Geck.