Library Mission and Vision Statements


The mission of the Nancy Thompson Library is to play a vital role in support of learning, teaching, and research at Kean University.  The Library will accomplish this by working with faculty as an innovative and creative partner in providing the primary and secondary information resources needed for students to become critical, creative, and global thinkers, engaged in their learning. The Library will partner with faculty and administration to foster student development of information literacy skills and will provide the necessary services and resources to support the basic needs of faculty conducting research.  

The physical library will be an environment conducive to learning and research, individual and group work, and the social interactions that promote learning. Through its programming and services, it will be an intellectual and cultural center of the University, dedicated to promoting life-long learning, especially through reading. It meets this mission by embracing staff development, evidence-based decision making and continuous assessment.



The vision for the Nancy Thompson Library is to become the intellectual and cultural center of Kean University, enabling its students to think critically and creatively in an ever-changing world of information. As Kean is a teaching university, the Library is committed to supporting resource-based student learning.  It facilitates student and faculty research and scholarship by consistently striving to offer the most relevant resources and effective services, supported by the latest technologies.