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Minor in Marketing


The minor in marketing is designed for non business majors who would like to learn more about the world of business and the role of marketing. Courses in Marketing offer students the knowledge, skills, and concepts necessary for effective performance in the various areas of marketing such as advertising, product development, marketing research, consumer behavior, retailing, sales, services, international marketing, and internet commerce. The required courses are designed to demonstrate the interaction of the social, economic, and cultural environment upon an organization's marketing activities. The marketing electives offer an opportunity for students to choose areas of more specialized knowledge according to their interests and career goals. Students can prepare for careers opportunities in the fields of advertising, marketing research, retailing, international marketing and a host of other marketing related fields, as well as preparation for graduate level study. The Marketing Minor is designed to provide a bridge to the business world and will complement and enhance what is learned in other disciplines.

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The Marketing minor consists of 6 courses as follows:

Required courses: 3

MKT 2500 Principles of Marketing (formerly MKT 3410)
MKT 3430 Advertising and Marketing Communication
MKT 3510 Consumer Behavior (formerly MKT 3451)

Elective courses: 3

(Select three Marketing courses, the following is a current list of courses)

MKT 3220 Import & Export Procedures In Marketing
MKT 3240 Professional Selling
MKT 3260 Retail Marketing (formerly MKT 3420)
MKT 3480 Sports Marketing
MKT 3490 Internet Marketing
MKT 3500 Direct Marketing (formerly MKT 3451)
MKT 3550 Marketing Research (formerly MKT 4410)
MKT 3610 Buying and Merchandising
MKT 3630 Advertising Media Planning
MKT 3640 Sales Management (formerly MKT 3435)
MKT 3650 Marketing Channels (formerly MKT 3650)
MKT 3660 Services Marketing (formerly MKT 3455)
MKT 3690 Business to Business Marketing  (formerly MKT 3520)
MKT 3720 Logistics & Transportation  (formerly MKT 4420)
MKT 4220 International Marketing (formerly MKT 3470)
MKT 4230 Advertising Campaigns (formerly MKT 3431)
MKT 4240 Contemporary Issues in Marketing (formerly MKT 3481)
MKT 4500 Seminar in Marketing Strategy
(formerly MKT 3460)