The Elementary Education Multiple Subjects Praxis II Test (5031)

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The Elementary Education Multiple Subjects Test (Test code No. 5031) is a new computer based test that took effect on September 1, 2012. The test covers four subjects: Reading and Language Arts (5032), Mathematics (5033), Social Studies (5034), and Science (5035). The four subject areas in the Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects Test are timed and scored separately.

A candidate for certification in Elementary K-6 must pass all four sections in order to pass the test. This format gives the State Department of Education extra assurance that candidates are content-qualified in all four core subject areas. If a candidate achieves passing scores in three of the four sections, the candidate will need to retake only the section that did not meet the passing score, and so on. Candidates who passed the old test (0014 paper; 5014 computer) prior to September 1, 2012 will be grandfathered for that test and will not be required to take the new test. All candidates taking the test after September 1, 2012 must pass the new test, No. 5031.

Time3.5 hours
Number of Questions210
     Test Section 
Reading & Language Arts (5032)(60 minutes) (65 questions)
Mathematics (5033)(50 minutes) (40 questions)
Social Studies (5034)(50 minutes) (55 questions)
Science (5035)(50 minutes) (50 questions)
     Passing Score 
Reading & Language Arts (5032)165
Mathematics (5033)164
Social Studies (5034)155
Science (5035)169

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Important Requirement for Praxis II Score Reporting:

For efficient processing of your certificate by the State, it is imperative that you list the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) as a score recipient along with Kean University. Failure to list NJDOE will result in a delay of your teaching certificate. The code for NJDOE is R7666. The code for Kean University is 2517. Additionally, you must use your social security number when coding for NJDOE this is how they match their scores with their certification files.