The Teacher Work Sample Portfolio

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The Teacher Work Sample (TWS) Portfolio is the official evaluation tool for students in the College of Education according to College of Education policy adopted in December, 2006. It consists of seven components, each of which has some important bearing on your development and performance as a teacher. It provides a standardized way of assuring that each student graduating from the Middle and Secondary Education Program has a professional educational portfolio that indicates their competencies, not just a scrapbook of memorabilia from their college days.

Components of the Teacher Work Sample include:

  1. Contextual Factors
  2. Learning Goals
  3. Assessment Plan
  4. Design for Instruction
  5. Instructional Decision-Making
  6. Analysis of Student Learning
  7. Self-evaluation and Reflection

Each of these sections includes a TWS Standard of what has to be achieved including Indicators, a Task to be performed, Requirements that must be fulfilled, and Rubrics that will be used to evaluate your work. These components are linked in some way to your field experiences and classroom course work. For more information, consult the Teaching Performance Center Website