A. Complete the Kean University Application

Send a completed application to the Office of Admissions (please be aware that. G.P.A. standards are higher for the Music Education degree). To receive an application, call the Admissions Office at (908) 737-7100 or download one from

B. Complete Music Dept. Requirements: Audition, Placement Tests, Dept. Application

1. Schedule and successfully complete an audition on your major performing instrument, voice, or piano, to demonstrate college level performance ability. Please call our music department to let us know which of the above dates you have selected for your audition (908) 737-4330.
We recommend taking an early audition so there will be adequate time to assess your placement tests, receive advisement, and complete your registration in a timely fashion.

2. When you schedule the audition, please let us know if you need an accompanist or are bringing your own accompanist.

3. Take placement tests in music theory, music history, sight singing and piano on the day of the audition. These are not used for admission to the music major, but placement in the correct courses in theory, music history, and class piano. Students wishing to major in music at Kean are usually scheduled in 2 hour blocks from 3:30-5:30.

4.Fill out an application for the music major at the time of the audition.

Audition Requirements:

Two contrasting movements or pieces from the standard repertoire. The second piece may be in the jazz idiom for saxophone auditions.

Two contrasting movements or pieces from the standard repertoire. The second piece may be in the jazz idiom.

Proficiency on mallets, snare drum, and timpani. Demonstration of the knowledge of rudiments and ability to read percussion music are required.

Two contrasting compositions from the classical repertoire, one in English and one in Italian, French, or German. Popular songs or Broadway selections are NOT acceptable as audition pieces.

Two contrasting compositions from the standard piano literature, i.e. Bach, Mozart, Scarlatti, Haydn, Brahms, Debussy, etc.

Scales and two contrasting pieces or movements from the standard repertoire.

One work by J.S. Bach and a second work from the standard literature.

Two contrasting compositions from standard literature, e.g. Bach, Sor, Villa Lobos.

All candidates take the following placement tests for admission:

Music Theory Placement Test
All Entering music majors must take a theory placement exam to determine their level of music theory and sight singing/ear training competency.

Piano Placement Test
All entering music majors must take a piano exam to determine the level of class piano in which they should enroll.

Music History Placement Test
All entering music majors wishing to test out of music history/survey must take a placement test.