Data reports compiled from assessments for teacher candidates and other school personnel are listed below by program.  Reports can be uploaded for use by the department to review candidate data and for program improvement.  (After the report has opened on your screen, choose File then Save As, and save the report to your computer.)

Assessment Data includes:

    Praxis II Summary Data/School Leadership Summary Data
    Professional Internship Performance Competency Assessment Data
    Teacher Work Sample Portfolio Assessment Data
    Video Analysis Assessment Data
    Preprofessional Field Experience Performance Competency Assessment Data
    Introductory Field Experience Performance Competency Assessment Data

 In an effort to make the assessment data tables clear and concise, data is reported in mean (average) scores by competency/process.  The range in which candidates have scored is listed below the mean, i.e. Low 3/High 5 indicating that the lowest score given to a candidate was a 3 and the highest score was a 5.  Listing the low/high scores gives each program a better idea of how disperse the scoring was.

Click on the program name to view/download the assessment data

Art Education

Biology Education

Chemistry Education

Early Childhood

Earth Science Education

Educational Leadership

Elementary (includes K-5, K-5/5-8 & Bilingual programs)

Elementary/Middle K-5/5-8: English, History, Mathematics, Science, Spanish

English Education

Health & Physical Education

Mathematics Education

M.A. Instruction & Curriculum (K-5, K-5/5-8 & Bilingual)

Music Education


Social Studies Education

Teacher of Students w/Disabilities


Theatre Education

World Language: Spanish Education