Standard 1Candidate Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions

The goal of the professional education unit at Kean University is to prepare informed, dynamic professionals who have the knowledge, skills and dispositions to be effective educators in diverse settings.  Each of our professional education programs is aligned with its respective national standards, New Jersey's Professional Standards for Teachers, and the Initial and Advanced Learning Outcomes of our SPECTRUM model.  These outcomes or proficiencies include content knowledge, professional and pedagogical knowledge and skills, dispositions, and the ability to impact K-12 student learning.

A primary source of assessment data comes from program assessments.  The vast majority of our programs go through national and/or state review.  As of September 15, 2012, the 26 programs who submitted reports to their Specialized Professional Associations (SPAs) have done so and of those 26 programs, 23 have received National Recognition or National Recognition with Conditions.  One program, English Teacher Education, has been resubmitted for recognition and two programs, Spanish Teacher Education and Teachers of English as a Second Language are in the process of being redesigned and will be submitted for review during our next NCATE accreditation cycle.  There are another five programs that have Accreditation status from professional organizations outside of the SPA networkUnit Assessment Data also tells the success stories of our candidates meeting professional, state, and institutional standards.  At the initial level, before our candidates go out for their final experience, our Praxis II data overwhelmingly indicates a consistently high passing rate (at or near 100%) across the licensure programs by our program completers.  At the advanced level, data from follow-up surveys and employer surveys indicate standards have been met by advanced program graduates.  Feedback from school administrators is very positive...we hear our Kean novice teachers are the best!