Standard 2Assessment System and Unit Evaluation

The College of Education at Kean University believes in the purposeful, systemic and ongoing evaluation of programs, candidates, curricula and instruction.  The Unit Assessment System (UAS) is based on the shared values reflected in the Conceptual Framework and links the performance of its candidates to national, state and professional standards and P-12 student learning.  The UAS is designed to determine eligibility for admission in professional education and to continuously monitor the professional growth of candidates toward proficiency at both the initial and advanced levels.  It ensures that all candidates exit the program with the skills, knowledge and dispositons necessary to be "informed, dynamic professionals for diverse settings".

The UAS is based on the belief that assessment is both developmental and continuous.  Candidates must have the opportunity to connect their own practice to the learning of P-12 students.  These learning opportunities must be at the core of our teacher education program and assessment is integral in the process.  As candidates progress through the teacher education program, they engage in multiple assessments that allow both faculty and candidates to reflect on their teaching and learning and to use this information for continuous improvement of both candidate performance and program implementation.  Data from the initial and advanced programs are regularly and systemically compiled, analyzed, and reported for the purpose of improving candidate performance, program quality and unit operations.

The unit has a well-developed system of assessing and monitoring candidate performance.  The system assesses each individual candidate at critical states aligned to the conceptual framework of the SPECTRUM.  Data from individual assessments are used for monitoring and improving individual candidate performance, and the unit systemically aggregates, summarizes and uses data for program improvement.  Additionally, the College of Education implements and assesses a Teacher Work Sample Portfolio to collect data about P-12 student learning.

View our Kean University College of Education Assessment Handbook for more information.