Standard 5Faculty Qualifications, Performance & Development

Teaching and learning is the central function of Kean University, and as such, its professional education faculty play a central role in supporting and fulfilling the University mission of providing high quality public education to a highly diverse student body and the College of Education (COE) mission to prepare high qualified teachers for New Jersey's public and private schools.

The faculty of the College of Education are highly qualified and have a professional responsibility to ensure that programs and graduates are of the highest quality.  Meeting this responsibility requires that faculty use information technologies, incorporate multi-cultural and global perspectives, and use of performance assessments such as the Teacher Work Sample to systematically gather and evaluate information to strengthen unit programs.  Candidate success on these assessments is an important measure of qualified faculty.

A strength of the Kean University COE faculty is their extensive experience and backgrounds in public and private schools.  COE faculty have an in-depth understanding of their fields and are teacher scholars who integrate what is known about their content fields, teaching, and learning into their own instructional practice.  They have diverse professional backgrounds comprising P-12 experiences as educators and administrators, including former positions as teachers, principals, school counselors, school psychologists, and superintendents.  100% of Kean tenure-track faculty have doctorates.  Continuous work in the field ensures that faculty stay current and practical.

Research is also a critical component of the COE and its curriculum.  Faculty are actively engaged in research which both directly linked to the content they teach and can be integrated into their instruction.  Qualitative review of research topics, publication titles and school-based programs suggest faculty exhibit intellectual vitality in their sensitivity to critical issues and in-depth knowledge of the content.

Faculty integrate knowledge of diverse populations into instruction and field experience assignments through their own formal education and work experience in public and private schools in urban and suburban settings.