Standard 6Unit Governance and Resources

The COE, headed by the Dean of Education, is the unit responsible for the administration, development, and evaluation of all professional education programs.  A graphic representation of the organization of the Unit can be found in the Unit's Organization Chart.  The Unit is governed by the policies and procedures detailed in the Administrative Handbook.  The governing body of the Unit is the COE Administrative Council, and for the institution as a whole, it is the Faculty Senate.

The COE engages in a continuous improvement process, refining programs, assessments, and administrative policies to strengthen our unit.  We have considerable resources available to accomplish our goals in adequately preparing candidates to meet professional, state, and institutional standards.  College of Education budgets have continued to increase even in this challenging economic environment.

As a consequence of our program and student successes and the ongoing, evidence-based assessment system we employ to document our efforts, the University leadership is very supportive of our work.  Additionally, we have been able to secure of $5M in grant monies beginning in 2009 and extending through 2014.  The two federal grants we have received are modified alternate route programs to address teacher shortages in urban and urban-rim school districts in special education, science, math, ESL and bilingual content areas.  We have entered into a partnership with the New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning, a 5013c, to develop the Progressive Science Initiative (PSI) leading to endorsement programs and Master's Programs in teaching Physics, Chemistry and Biology using a constructivist, technology-driven model to address serious teacher shortages and poor student performance in science beginning in grade 9.  We also raise revenue through our Bureau of Education Services which offers courses off campus in school districts.  Our School for Global Education and Innovation is also a source of additional revenue in that is customizes professional development workshops and consultation services for school districts.

In 2011 the COE began offering two dual-enrollment courses in participating high school for undergraduate college credit.  ID1800: Holocaust, Genocide and Modern Humanity and SUST1000: Introduction to Sustainability are two courses currently being offered.

Overall the Unit has strong governance, adequate resources, institutional support, name recognition in the state for quality teacher preparation and innovation, and partnerships with the New Jersey Department of Education, local school districts, other universities and other education providers to continue to meet and exceed professional, state, and institutional standards.