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Important Terms for the School of Psychology

Adjunct professors are part-time professors hired on a contractual basis.

Change of major form is needed when you want to change your major.

Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated as the total number of grade points received over a given period divided by the total number of credits awarded.

Guide Sheet(s) are used to keep track on what classes are already taken and what classes are needed in order to fulfill the requirements for graduation.

Lower level free elective means that the class is a 1000-2000 level course.

Minor means a secondary field of study or specialization during undergraduate studies. See the department you are interested in for more information

The Program Evaluation shows the students' total amount of credit that have been transferred from another college/university, courses taken at Kean, in the process of taking, and pre-registered courses. It can be found at KeanWise.

Upper level free elective means that the class is a 3000-4000 level course.

Resident Faculty member is someone who is a full-time professor that holds a permanent position within the University.

Second major is a major that is not offered independently but which a student may pursue in addition to a primary major.