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This is a joint program between Kean University and Rutgers University.  Although Kean University hosts this program to provide the general education and psychology major course requirements, Rutgers University offers the specialized psychiatric rehabilitation classes for this dual major program.  The collaboration of both universities offers a unique program for psychology majors interested in receiving specialized skill and experience in the field of psychology. Directions to Scotch Plains

What is Psychiatric Rehabilitation?

Psychiatric rehabilitation is an area of psychology that focuses on the assessment, development and treatment of people who are living with severe mental disorders.  In addition to psychiatric treatment, an individual in need of psychiatric rehabilitation may also require assistance in developing the following:

Daily living skills such as understanding the importance of personal hygiene, balancing a checkbook, maintaining a healthy diet, traveling independently, etc.

Vocational skills such as learning how to find employment, job training, and learning skills pertinent to gain appropriate work experience.

Social skills such as learning appropriate interpersonal behaviors which may include enhancing communication abilities, conflict resolution, networking, and developing and maintaining relationships.

The person trained in the area of psychiatric rehabilitation will help individuals with chronic mental disorders gain the necessary skills and motivation they may need to successfully enhance their quality of life and manage independent living.

Why Should I Complete a Dual Major in Psychology and Psychiatric Rehabilitation?

Psychiatric rehabilitation is a major field for students who are interested in the helping professions and working with people. This major will provide a student with community involvement as they learn about the many resources available to individuals who have a mental disorder.  The following opportunities are available to students:

·              Development of interpersonal and analytical skills from the training they receive in the specialized courses

·              Contact and networking with the University of Medicine and Dentistry faculty who specialize in the field

·              Practical experience provided by the required internship courses

·              Simultaneous development of academic knowledge and vocational skills

·              Strong eligibility and potential to find a job in the field of Psychiatric Rehabilitation with a BS Degree in this major

·              Students obtain a distinguished Bachelor of Science degree

Career Advancement Opportunity

The diverse nature of this dual major offers a variety of choices for career direction.  There are three major options:

·              Students can decide to focus in the area of psychiatric rehabilitation and work in this area with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

·              Students can specialize in psychiatric rehabilitation and apply to the Rutgers University Masters of Science degree in Psychiatric Rehabilitation (Rutgers University also offers a Ph.D. degree in Psychiatric Rehabilitation).

·              A third choice is for students who may not be certain about their career choice either prior to or after completing the B.S. degree in Psychiatric Rehabilitation.  Students can apply to graduate school in any area of psychology with the advantage of having an area of specialization.

Major Requirements

Students must complete an application to be reviewed by the admission committee in order to gain acceptance to the Psychology and Psychiatric Rehabilitation dual major program.  This is a competitive program that is available to students by the end of their sophomore year.  Upon completion of this program, students receive a dual major diploma from Kean University and Rutgers University.

Intended Major

·              No application required

·              Complete intended major form (2.5 GPA is required)

·              May take the first two psychiatric rehabilitation courses (PSRT-1101 and PSRT-1102)

Declared Major

·              Complete application to the Psychology Department

·              Sophomore Status

·              Maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 in psychology and 2.5 GPA overall

·              Completion of at least 9 S.H. of the psychology major

Our Graduates

The student who graduates with a dual major in Psychology and Psychiatric Rehabilitation will be qualified for several positions in the healthcare field such as:

·              Residential counselor

·              Mental health specialist

·              Partial Care specialist

·              Job coach

·              Case manger

·              Program specialist

·              Mental health aide

Presently, 90% of our graduates have been hired either by their internships or as a result of networking in the field of psychiatric rehabilitation.  Our students have exposure to professionals in the field via contact with specialized guest speakers in the classroom, their work in field, and/or professional conference attendance.  The following is a partial listing of the field placements and agencies where our students are working:

·              Bridgeway House, Elizabeth

·              Concerned Citizens for Chronic Psychiatric Adults, Piscataway

·              Harbor House, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Paterson

·              Project Live, Inc, Newark

·              Seton Comprehensive Treatment Center, St. Mary’s Hospital

·              Alternatives, Inc., Residential Housing Unit, South Bound Brook

For more information contact: 

Dr. Sharon Boyd-Jackson

School of Psychology

908-737-5877; sharonj@kean.edu