Last updated 9/1/16

Dr. Robert F. Melworm

Fall, 2016  Schedule

MGS 3040-01 - Management Information Systems [T 4:30 - 7:15]  GLAB 306
MGS 3040-02 - Management Information Systems [M/H 2 - 3:15]  GLAB 404
MGS 3040-K1 - Management Information Systems [W 7:30 - 10:15]  OGAT 320
MGS 4010-06 - Operations Management [H 7:30 - 10:15]  GLAB 327

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Office Hours

Office [W105F, GLAB 223 or 224, Kean-Ocean Gateway OGAT 413] Mon 12:55-1:55 [GLAB]; Tue 2:25-4:25 [GLAB]; Wed 5:25-7:25 [OGAT], Thu 4:20-7:20 [W] (specific hours in KeanWISE)

College / School

College of Business & Public Management / School of Management & Marketing


College of Business & Public Management - Computer MicroLabs Labs W400 & W415A  September, 1988 to December, 2004 


Willis 105F:  908-737-4179
School of Management& Marketing:  908-737-4190
College of Business & Public Management:  908-737-4120


Have taught various courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels at Seton Hall University and here at Kean University.  Undergraduate courses have included Management Information Systems and various Systems Analysis, Design and Implementation classes as well as Operations Management and Business Statistics.  Graduate courses have included Applied Data Communications, Software Selection, Evaluation & Acquisition, Systems Analysis, Database Design, Office Automation, Operations Management and Simulation.  In the summer of '96, a special topics class on the Internet and World Wide Web was offered.  Student reaction to this class was excellent, and it was added as a course offered regularly by the MIS program, and expanded to cover e-commerce. 


Initial research work was engineering related in the area of numerical analysis. In particular computer solutions were obtained using Fourier series for cylindrical vessels (using elasticity and shell theories).  Simulation was addressed more recently.  Various articles were published and presented related to the use of computers in class and the use of computer labs as classrooms.  Have more recently addressed the use of the Internet as an effective distance learning tool, and the evolution of networking at an accounting office. 


Enjoy fencing, swimming, biking and racquetball. Also enjoy using my computer to get work done, play games (like chess, and Bridge on-line) and surf the net. 


City College of New York - BS in Mechanical Engineering 
Columbia University - MS in Engineering Mechanics 
New York University - PhD in Engineering Mechanics