Welcome from Dr. Paul J. Croft, Executive Director SESS

Greetings from the School of Environmental and Sustainability Sciences (SESS)

As part of the College of Natural, Applied, and Health Sciences at Kean University and located in Union, New Jersey we offer several undergraduate degree programs and options of study within the School of Environmental and Sustainability Sciences. These include Earth Sciences, Environmental Biology, Environmental Science, and Sustainability Science.

Our programs of study are committed to preparing students comprehensively in the environmental and sustainability sciences by providing significant hands-on and in-field experiences and research activities critical to their career development as practicing scientists.

Our programs are diverse in order to capture the breadth and scope of science in a manner that produces relevant findings that apply to human systems as they interact, respond to, and drive the local environment in terms of air, sea, and land; and with plant and animal systems at all levels of inquiry.

SESS provides many academic year and summer opportunities for our students' professional development, including international learning and travel, internship experiences, presentation of research work at professional conferences, and much more.

We invite you to explore our programs and to visit with us here on campus either through the Kean University Admissions Office (Open Houses, Student for a Day program, Tours, etc.,) or by arranging time to meet with us directly by contacting the SESS Office at (908) 737-3737.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you very soon!

Dr. Paul J. Croft, Executive Director SESS