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The Internet for Educators

An overview of the Internet and how educators can use it as a classroom tool.
February 16, 2002        W-100        9:00-11:30 am        Dr. M. Searson

World Language in the K-8 Classroom

Theory and practice of using technology and specific software to develop language programs.
The Rosetta Stone and other Multilanguage software will be demonstrated.
February 23, 2002        W-100        9:00-11:30 am        Dr. I. Gnarra & M. Gomez

Science Education K-8

The use of science software and the Internet to develop and enhance the teaching of elementary
science from the learning of concepts to the gathering and use of sophisticated data.
March 16, 2002        W-100        9:00-11:30 am        Dr. G. Kolodiy

Electronic Portfolio Development

An overview of the design and creation of an electronic portfolio and its different uses.
Methods by which to transfer print to electronic documents will be addressed.
March 23, 2002        W-100        9:00-11:30 am        Kim M. Cornell

Mathematics for Grade K-6

Presentation of software for the teaching of mathematics. The use of graphical methods in
connection with statistics will be examined. Software will include Understanding Mathematics,
The Graph Club and Data Explorer.
April 6, 2002        W-100        9:00-11:30 am        Dr. P. Kavett

Presentations Using Microsoft PowerPoint

Use this software to enhance your classroom instruction, following the presenter's step-by-step
how-to demonstration. This software is useful in the teaching of all content areas.
April 13, 2002        W-100        9:00-11:30 am        Dr. L. Elovitz

Teaching Social Studies for Grade 3-12

Relevant Social Studies Tools for learning will be discussed, along with key ideas in this hands-on
workshop. Oregon Trail and various database will be featured.
April 20, 2002        W-100        9:00-11:30 am        Dr. T. Banit

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