I just want to print.  Why do I need to sign in?

A requirement for using the lab is that your Kean ID must be swiped and that the swipe message shows "Permitted."  You may then use computer #25 or #36 to print out your document. 

You will also need your Kean/Google e-mail ID/password in order to print through the print management software.  If you do not know our ID/password, please contact OCIS at 908-737-6000 or go to Campus School South. 

I do not have my ID with me, can I still use the lab?

No.  Presently, we swipe IDs, so it will be necessary to have your valid ID in hand.  If you have forgotten your ID, you may fill out a Permission Slip on a onetime basis and have it approved by the lab supervisor, Holly Hoffman. 

I cannot log on.

For further assistance in logging on, please contact the respective department as follows:

Blackboard - Contact OCIS at 908-737-6000 or visit the Website at http://www.kean.edu/~de.

KeanGoogle E-Mail - To obtain a KeanGoogle e-mail account, you must stop by in person at the OCIS office at CSS 113 and present a Kean photo ID.  If you have forgotten your ID/password, call 908-737-6000.            

KeanWISE - For password, contact One-Stop in the CAS Building.  If you have forgotten your password, in KeanWISE, click on "What's My Password" and then click "I don't remember" to reset your password.  Select the e-mail account that is on file.  The password will be sent to the e-mail account you selected. 

I need to collaborate on an assignment.  Is it OK to stand around the computer and talk the assignment  over with my fellow students?

No, as a matter of courtesy to all students in the lab, we do  not permit loud talking in the lab.  You may borrow a laptop from the lab to take The Grand Study Hall for this purpose.

Another option is to use Google Docs, which permits you to share your documents with other group members. 

The lab is full and my assignment is due in ten minutes.  What can I do?

There are two open-access laboratories on the campus:  Dougall Hall and University Center. 

Can I use my laptop in the lab?

Yes, you may use your laptop on a wireless basis in the lab.  You will need to sign in to KUAIR with your Kean Google e-mail ID and password. 

Please also note that laptops may be borrowed for use in the Library.  You must have a Kean ID and a driver's license to secure the rental.

I'm crunched for time and need to complete my paper during lunch.  Is it OK to bring food and drink into the lab?

No, we do not allow food or drink in the lab.  Please use the cafeteria.  

I do not have any more pages in my print management account.

You may order additional free pages by going to the University Center webpage (www.kean.edu/~uca) and clicking on Print Pages Request and filling out the request form.  Please note that it takes 24 hours for the request to be fulfilled. 

I need to print my assignment out on a color printer.  Can I do this here?

Please go to the Circulation Desk and follow the procedures for ordering color printouts.  

I need to use a scanner.  Can I do this here?

Yes, upon presenting a valid Kean ID, you may use the scanner.  You may also scan your document from the copiers in the lobby.  See the directions for using the e-mail scan on the copy machines. 

I need to fax my document.  Can I do this here?

No.  However, if you wish, you may use e-fax. 

I just need to show my students something.  Is it OK to bring my classes into the lab?

The lab cannot accommodate classes.


The Student Technology Laboratory staff will make every effort to ensure the integrity of the computers, software, and equipment.  However, Kean University is not responsible for the loss of information resulting from computing misuse, malfunction of computing hardware and/or software, or external contamination of data or programs.  Backup of information via travel/thumb drive is strongly recommended. 



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