The following are some hints to make your visit to the Library Student Computer Laboratory easier and more pleasant.  If there are any hints you wish to see here, please let us know.

Print management is in effect at the present time.  This means that each student is given 300 pages or $30 to use for budgeting their printing over the semester.  Ten cents will be deducted from the $30 total each time you print a page.  If you deplete your budget before the semester ends, you may request additional pages at the University Center website (http://www.kean.edu/~uca).

How to Print with Printing Management

Click on Microsoft Office button and click Print.

Click on the Print icon in the upper left-hand corner.

Click OK.

OCS sign-in screen will come up.  Type in your Kean/Google e-mail and password.

Click "Send to Print Station."


Opening the Print Management Queue

Click Alt B to bring up the print queue and type in your Kean/Google e-mail ID and password.

Highlight the documents you wish to print and click on "Proceed to Print."  The last document you send to the print queue will be on the bottom.

If you wish to delete any documents from your queue, highlight the documents and click Delete.

If your Account Balance is Low

If you need additional pages, please go to www.kean.edu/~uca and click on Page Request.  Fill out the form, including the number of pages desired.  Keep in  mind that it takes 24 hours for the request to be fulfilled.


Saving Articles

Unless you are assigned to print out an article, it would be better for the environment if you saved your article to your USB drive or sent it to yourself by e-mail.  Some databases, such as EBSCO, have space available to store your articles. 

Uploading Documents to Google Docs
You may also upload your document to Google Docs.  To do this, save your article to your USB drive.  Go to your Google Start Page and click on Google Docs at the top of the page.  Click on Upload at the upper left and browse to your USB drive for your article.  Click on the article and save to Google Docs. 


Do You Have A Group Project?

Don't know where to start?  With KeanGoogle, you can create and manage documents online (docs.google.com) or go to your Start Page in KeanGoogle.

In Google Docs you can choose who can access your documents and/or share instantly with others online.  You can see who changed what and when.  You can view presentations together online.

In addition to storing your documents online, you can export or publish them also.

Laptop Rental
You may also rent a laptop from the Library lab to use within the library. 



If you need help finding a document, please contact the reference librarian directly outside of our lab or go to http://library.kean.edu/reference.html.



From time to time, your professor will assign articles to be retrieved from Reserves.  You may access the reserved article by doing the following:

Go to the link on the desktop labeled Course Reserve; or

Go to www.kean.edu and click on Library at the bottom of the page

Click on Kean catalog

Click on Course Reserve tab at the top of the page

Look for Instructor by clicking down the arrow to select your instructor.  At this point, you may view all the reserves that an instructor has designated or go on to the following:

Click Search at the bottom of the page

Under the column labeled Course look for your course number and course title.  Click on the hyperlink under Department.

Click on the title of the item

Enter the password your professor has given you

To print, follow the above suggestions.  Before you print ensure that the document is not set up with two to a page.  You may also want to save the document to your thumb drive.


Wi-Fi Access

To access Wi-Fi, do the following:

Click on KUAIR
Type in your e-mail ID and password
Should you see a "certificate message" press Continue



The Student Technology Laboratory staff will make every effort to ensure the integrity of the computers, software, and equipment.  However, Kean University is not responsible for the loss of information resulting from computing misuse, malfunction of computing hardware and/or software, or external contamination of data or programs.  Backup of information via travel/thumb drive is strongly recommended. 




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