A reference for handling over 117 misbehaviors at school & at home.  Includes profiles of different behaviors, their effects, actions, causes, methods & techniques for handling and mistakes to avoid.

Articles and internet sites about classroom management.  Also includes discussion groups, books and printouts to use for your classroom.

Articles on general classroom management as well as behavior and discipline.

Site devoted to Classroom Management with discipline plans, surveys and results and discussion boards.  Includes lots of hints from classroom teachers.

Equipping students with tools in the forms of strategies and steps to take when confronted by violence is an empowering gift for students of all ages.  Follow the tips, discussion topics and further activities to help your students learn how to prevent fighting and violence in their own lives.

This site is maintained by a professor at NorthCentral University in Arizona and focuses on classroom management issues.  Good links to articles and tips.  Good source of teacher resources.

Preventing Classroom Bullying: What Teachers Can Do provides guidelines to help school staff to better understand and manage the problem of bullying in school settings. It was first published in April 2003 and was revised in February 2004.

A safe school plan and discipline code, along with teacher interviews, are included in these resources on implementing policies for maintaining a safe school site.

A site to assist in teaching tolerance with classroom activities to guide and promote issues of beliefs, attitudes, and intolerance, targeting preconceptions, labeling and consequences of intolerance.