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Improving Teacher Quality Partnership

(A grant program funded by the New Jersey Department of Education)


Kean University has partnered with the Plainfield Board of Education to implement an Improving Teacher Quality Partnership program to insure that by 2005-2006 all Plainfield students will be taught by highly qualified teachers.  This collaborative effort between the school district and the Colleges of Education and Natural, Applied and Health Sciences at Kean has the overall goal of improving the academic achievement of Plainfield's students by implementing quality, ongoing professional development for pre-service and in-service teachers.  This programs builds upon the long history of partnership between the Plainfield Board of Education and Kean University.

The ITQP program focuses on the implementation of a professional development program that will:

  • Enhance professional development for practicing and prospective teachers in the area of Mathematics and Science;

  • Maximize student performance and achievement, particularly those who are second language learners and have special needs;

  • Increase teacher retention through intensive mentoring training;

  • Provide professional development for Kean University pre-service teachers;

  • Increase the technological knowledge and skills of pre-service and in-service teachers so that they can implement technology based instruction;

  • Provide for the simultaneous renewal of schools and teacher education.


Improving Teaching Quality Partners:

  • Dr. Martha M. Mobley, Grant Director - Kean University

  • Dr. Paula E. Howard, Superintendent of Plainfield Schools

  • Plainfield Board of Education

  • Sheila Thorpe - Director of Staff Development - Plainfield P.S.

  • Sheryl Klein - Math Supervisor - Plainfield P.S.

  • Dr. Suzanne Reynolds - Mathematics Education - Kean University

  • Dr. Michael Mahan - Science Education - Kean University

  • Dr. Barbara Lee - Special Education - Kean University

  • Dr. Gilda DelRisco - Bilingual Education - Kean University


For further information, contact:

  • Dr. Martha M. Mobley  - by phone: 908-737-4185 or email:

  • Dr. Suzanne Reynolds - by phone: 908-737-4282 or email:



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