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Other Forms for Supervisors/Clinical Instructors


First Visit Checklists

University Supervisor/Clinical Instructor First Visit Checklist: Internship (MS Word)

University Supervisor/Clinical Instructor First Visit Checklist: Internship  (PDF file)

University Supervisor/Clinical Instructor First Visit Checklist:  Preprofessional Field (MS Word)

University Supervisor/Clinical Instructor First Visit Checklist: Preprofessional Field (PDF file)


Outstanding Professional Intern Nomination/Award

Nomination for Outstanding Professional Intern   (MS Word)
             Page 1  
             Page 2

This form is in text-box format.  You can download the form into MS Word, complete it on your computer and then print it out. 

To enter information, click in the area to the right of each category to type in your response.


Parking Permit Request

Parking hang tags are no longer available.  Follow these directions to get a parking permit.

Supervisors who are requesting a parking permit for the first time should complete an online form.  Please have your 7-digit Kean ID number and your vehicle VIN number available.  The decal must be picked in the parking office located on the 3rd floor of the Administrative BuildingSee campus map.

Supervisors who already have a parking permit and need another due to a change in vehicle must visit the Parking Office in person on the 3rd floor of the Administration Building.

Special Case Report

Click here to access an online Special Case Report.  This form should be completed while it is on your screen and then printed out.  Click in the boxes to select them and enter text beginning the black area after each prompt. 

After meeting with the student and cooperating teacher, the university supervisor/clinical instructor should forward the Special Case Report to the Teaching Performance Center

Teaching Performance Center Letterhead

This letterhead is in MS Word format and can be used for letters of recommendations.  It is password protected to allow for use only by University Supervisors.  Please use the password given to you by the TPC.  It is the same password used to open the Supervisors' Directory.

If you need a paper copy of the letterhead, please email Linda Zehner in the TPC.



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