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The National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) defines a Professional Development School (PDS) as a school in which the school staff and university faculty collaborate: a) to provide field experience placements and internship experiences, and b) to support and enable the professional development of P-12 teachers and university faculty. Both the university faculty and the school staff share a mutual responsibility for high-quality instruction to classroom students.

A Professional Development School at Kean University is a collaborative partnership that involves the College of Education and a local elementary, middle or high school. The central goal is to create an exemplary school environment that provides for the ongoing tasks of school renewal while seeking to serve the needs of P-12 students. A PDS provides a clinical setting for preservice education in which university students and P-12 faculty engage in professional development, promote and conduct inquiry that advances knowledge of schooling, foster parental involvement with the school, and strengthen the university-school collaboration.

The PDS partnership model at Kean includes year-long placements of cohorts of preservice teachers, guided and sequenced field experiences, preparation for cooperating teachers, team teaching, on-site seminars and courses, parent focus, preservice/inservice linkages, investigative inquiry, and reflective strategies. A university supervisor is resident at the school at least two (2) days each week, providing structure and support, as well as mentoring of preservice and entry-level teachers.

The National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) provides additional information on Professional Development Schools.  Please access their website at:


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