Supplemental Program Assessments


Cooperating teachers are invited to participate in the assessment of the initial preparation of current interns and their ability to meet prescribed national program standards.  The insights and reflections of a cooperating teacher are necessary for our interns to become effective teachers.  In addition, their voices are valued as we partner together to prepare another educator for New Jersey’s schools. 

Cooperating teachers are given a Supplemental Program Assessment by their internship candidate and are asked to judge the preparation of their intern to meet national standards as established by peers and colleagues and accepted by professional organizations. 

Click here for the Supplemental Program Assessment worksheet for each Kean University College of Education program, and for a listing of the Professional Organizations and the rubrics that are to be used to score the Supplemental Program Assessments.

A tutorial about this authentic assessment can be accessed by clicking here.   Included with the tutorial are links to the professional educational associations and their national teaching standards on which these supplemental assessments are based.   We encourage you to supplement your understanding of these standards by reviewing them online and then speaking with one or more of our faculty listed below to understand how the national standards are incorporated into our Kean University College of Education’s SPECTRUM Model of Learning Outcomes in the areas of Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions.

All content-specific Supplemental Program Assessments are submitted online.  To begin an assessment, please click hereThe supplemental program assessment should be submitted at the end of the internship semester. 

Kean University, the College of Education and the Teaching Performance Center with to thank all of our cooperating teachers and districts for partnering with Kean in the preparation of teachers.

Early Childhood Education
Dr. Dina Rosen

Health & Physical Education
Dr. Josh Palgi

English Education K-12
Dr. Linda Cahir

Science Education K-12
Dr. George Kolodiy

Elementary Education
Prof. Patrick Ippolito

Music Education
Dr. Lyn Schraer-Joiner

ESL Education K-12
Dr. Michael Searson

Social Studies Education K-12
Dr. Jerry Weiner

Fine Arts Education
Dr. Joseph Amorino

Teacher of Students w/Disabilities
Dr. Barbara Lee

Mathematics Education K-12
Dr. Thomas Walsh

World Language Spanish K-12
Dr. Gregory Shepherd