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NJ Teacher Partnership for
Mentor Preparation Presents:


The Art and Science of Mentoring Your Field Experience Student



DATES:  June 27, 2013
8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Kean University, Union
University Center
Room 228

A FREE Workshop for Prospective, Novice, and Experienced Cooperating Teachers/Mentors

Sponsored by
Felician College
Kean University
New Jersey City University
William Paterson University



During this workshop participants will:

•Network with colleagues from other universities to share perspectives and successful practices in a collegial and collaborative setting

•Identify the responsibilities of an effective teacher-mentor

•Discuss the interconnected roles of the intern, supervisor, and cooperating teacher

•Discuss the value of using the coteaching
model for both teachers and students

•Practice using observation and feedback techniques that improve instruction and learning

•Hear the experiences of former student interns, teachers and principals

Guest Speaker

Ann Weber, co-author of Supervising Student Teachers the Professional Way, has been a teacher educator for over twenty-seven years. At Illinois State
University, she supervised and taught hundreds of teacher candidates, as well as designed and taught a successful online course specifically for cooperating and clinical classroom teachers. Her extensive supervisory work with cooperating teachers has led to her commitment to their professional development and a deep respect for the valuable role they play in the development of future teachers.

For a description of Supervising Teachers the Professional Way click HERE

To order a copy of Supervising Teachers the Professional Way click HERE


Presenters: University Faculty and Administrators, Cooperating Teachers, Recently Graduated Interns

Breakout Sessions

Survey Says
Find out what research of cooperating teachers and interns says is most and least important throughout their student teaching experience.

Learn how to match the developmental level and learning style of your intern to your mentoring style to maximize student learning.

Voices from the Field: Panel Discussion
Pose questions to and get tips from Ann Weber, experienced cooperating teachers, recently graduated interns, supervisors and principals.

Giving Feedback
Analyze a video taped lesson and practice providing specific feedback that encourages self-reflection and growth in skill development.

Dancing with the Stars
Learn the benefits to students and teachers of using the co-teaching model throughout the student teaching experience.

What Would You Do?
Role play solutions to real situations and share ideas that best meet the needs of all stakeholders.

Professional Development Hours

Six professional development hours will be awarded to participants.
A continental breakfast and lunch will be provided.


Preregistration is required by June 15, 2013. 

Click here for a copy of the Institute's brochure that includes a registration form to mail/fax.

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