A Guide for Professional Laboratory Experiences

Professional Internship Handbook III


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Purpose of Handbook

Third in the series of three field experiences at Kean University, the professional internship provides a full-time, five-day-a-week, supervised semester for instruction and personal reflection on the teacherís role in the classroom and in the school. Working under the daily supervision of a classroom teacher, the professional intern instructs individual students and small groups as well as the entire class.

During the professional internship semester, the university student is assessed at least twice by the cooperating teacher and a minimum of eight (8) times by the university supervisor.

A professional intern is expected to assume gradual responsibility for the total, daily class instruction by the mid-point of the internship semester. S/he also is required to create and present plans for each lesson taught, maintain a journal reflecting his/her professional growth, add to his/her professional portfolio, complete a 10 minute videotape, and confer regularly with his/her cooperating teacher and university supervisor.

Policies and procedures included in this handbook originated with and were approved by university faculty and the faculty of Keanís partnership schools. Other policies are mandated for teacher certification by the New Jersey Department of Education.

This handbook has been developed to serve as a guide for professional interns, their cooperating teachers, and university supervisors. We dedicate it to the hundreds of cooperating teachers and administrators in the schools of New Jersey who continue to provide guidance and to model effective teaching strategies and educational values for future generations of educators.