for students who are attending an out-of-state college/university and wish to complete
their student teaching at Kean University

Welcome!  We are delighted that you are thinking of completing your teacher preparation program at Kean University.  As a visiting student you are privileged to be our guest at an NCATE accredited institution of higher learning, one that has been preparing teachers since 1855.

An Application for Visiting Professional Intern must be completed and an interview scheduled with our office.  Please bring the completed application with you at that time. We ask that you follow the steps outlined in the sequence below.

1.       Provide a formal request from the sending university to the Director of the Teaching Performance Center (TPC), Kean University.  Only students from an NCATE accredited institution may apply to be a visiting student teacher at Kean University.  This request must be initiated at least 6 months prior to the semester you plan to perform field work at Kean University.

 Include in the letter from the sending university/college the following:

  1. NCATE status of sending institution;

  2. semester and year wishing to complete professional internship at Kean University;

  3. teacher education major and area(s) in which certification is being sought;

  4. expectations/requirements of sending institution

  5. evidence of meeting sending institution’s requirements for student teaching.

2.       Make an appointment with Director of TPC to review field experience policies, procedures and practices at Kean University.

3.       Bring the following to the scheduled interview with the TPC:

a.       completed and signed Application for Visiting Professional Intern provided by Kean University;

b.       copies of sending university’s assessment forms;

c.       two copies of the sending university’s professional internship handbook;

d.       questions/concerns about assignment and Kean University.

4.   Following the interview, complete and return Kean University Professional Internship Field Experience Application (provided at interview).

Visiting students who choose  to perform their student teaching/internship at Kean University will incur fees and expenses in addition to the normal tuition cost paid to the sending institution.  An Out-of-State Payment Form and payment of those fees and expenses must be paid to Kean University before the visiting student can begin the student teaching/internship.

The staff of the Teaching Performance Center is available by telephone, fax, and e-mail.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions about your clinical placement at Kean University.