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The purpose of assessment is to help the preservice student become more effective and to provide a critical basis for self-evaluation and self-reflection.  The teacher candidate is urged to accept and use suggestions for improvement in a professional, intelligent manner and continually seek to improve his/her teaching through these evaluations.

The Field Experience Competency Assessment forms listed below are to be completed by both the preservice student's cooperating teacher and university supervisor. 

All assessments are to be submitted online with the exception of the Narrative.   Please click here to access the Online Assessment Submission page.  

You can preview/download a worksheet for each of the assessments below.

Preprofessional Field Experience Performance Competency Assessment - Online Document [download]

Professional Internship Performance Competency Assessment - Online Document [download]

Teacher Work Sample Level II (TWS) Portfolio Assessment - Online Document [download]

Teacher Work Sample Level III (TWS) Portfolio Assessment - Online Document [download]

Narrative Form (Documentation of field visit)

A preservice teacher is entitled to receive feedback after each of his/her observations.  Evaluation conferences between the student, cooperating teacher and university supervisor afford the student opportunities to practice self-evaluation as well as respond to the supervisor's or cooperating teacher's assessment of his/her progress.

In the areas in which the teacher candidate needs to improve, he/she is to be given suggestions for doing so in as specific terms as possible.  A time schedule in which to implement the improvement(s) is recommended also.  For purposes of documentation, such suggestions are to be made in writing using the Field Experience Observation Narrative form.

Field Experience Observation Narrative [Download]
This form can be completed online.