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 Narrative Observation Form

Both the cooperating teacher and the university supervisor are encouraged to be honest and objective in completing evaluations of the the preservice student.  Joint conferences among the three members of the triad (cooperating teacher, preservice student and university supervisor) are recommended.

A preservice field experience student is entitled to receive feedback after each of his/her observations.  Evaluation conferences afford the student opportunities to practice self-evaluation, as well as respond to the supervisor's or cooperating teacher's assessment of his/her progress.

In the areas in which the preservice field experience student need to improve, he/she is to be given suggestions for doing so in as specific terms as possible.  A time schedule in which to implement the improvement(s) is recommended also.  For purposes of documentation, such suggestions are to be made in writing using the Field Experience Narrative Observation form, as well as discussed, and copies retained by the preservice teacher, the cooperating teacher and the supervisor.

  Narrative-Observation Form - text box.doc [Download] 35kb