University Planning Council (UPC)

Quality First Initiatives

As budget permits, President Dawood Farahi charges the University Planning Council (UPC) with recommending University projects and programs for special funding as part of the Quality First Initiatives. Initiatives must require extraordinary funding beyond customary division or department/office budgets. Further, initiatives must reflect one or more priorities based upon the 2007-2012 Kean University Strategic Plan as identified annually by President Farahi.

All divisions, departments, offices, and student organizations are invited to participate. Collaboration within and among units is encouraged, as is conceptual creativity. Proposed activities may be new or may be expansions of existing successful and effective projects. Initiatives recommended for funding by the UPC must have a strong potential to demonstrate tangible, effective, specific, and measurable results.

Proposals compete for available funds. A Call for Proposals is electronically sent to all faculty, administrators, staff and students during the first week of December. Proposals are submitted electronically with a deadline date that falls within the first week of January. Proposals are evaluated based on merit; ability to address initiative priorities; implementation feasibility within stated time line; and evaluation. Funding may begin as early as February of the funding cycle.

QFI - FUNDED PROJECTS     2010-2011
QFI - FUNDED PROJECTS     2009-2010


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