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About the Kean University Writing Center

At the Kean University Writing Center, peer writing coaches provide non-judgmental, one-on-one support for all writers.  We work with writers at all stages of the writing process – whether you are brainstorming ideas, or working on the final stylistic changes.

You will get more out of your writing conference if you come to the Center ready to work.  You should bring:

  • a copy of the assignment sheet or requirements for the writing you want to work on
  • any books, handouts, articles you will need to develop your writing
  • your writing so far (if you don’t have any writing – the coach will work with you on getting started)
  • A goal for the writing session
  • A USB/JumpDrive
  • Any research you have on the subject (i.e. handouts, books, articles, etc.)

It is a place where you can learn to:

  • gather ideas, find a focus, and develop pre-writing
  • get “unstuck” – and get writing finished on time
  • draft, organize, and develop work at any point in the writing process
  • manage long or difficult writing projects that may need to be written in parts
  • make effective revisions
  • make informed choices about language and writing conventions
  • develop strategies for proofreading

Tips for Success:

  • Please be on-time (sessions are 50 minutes each
  • Come when you first get the assignment.
  • Come with a goal (Outline/Draft/ Brainstorming)
  • Come more than once.

The Center has several computers, but if you have your own laptop it will ensure that you can work on electronic documents.  If you do not have a laptop, bring your work on a USB memory device, or send it to yourself in your email so you and your writing coach can work on one of the Center’s computers.



Writing Center - CAS 111E - 908.737.0317