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The CAS provides academic support for Kean University's undergraduate student population through these programs: Career Development and Advancement Services; College Advisement, Transfer Admissions and Evaluation Services; Orientation Services; New Student Registration Services; PASSPORT Program; Academic Dismissal Appeal; Undecided/Undeclared Student Services; General Education/Learning Assistance Program (GELAP); and Tutoring and Learning Support Services. Through these last two services, in particular (GELAP and Tutoring and Learning Support), the CAS supports students in the development of their writing during their time at Kean University.

The mission statement for the Center for Academic Success provides a broad and meaningful framework for the development of students' learning and writing skills over time:

The Center for Academic Success (CAS) is a cornerstone of Kean University's commitment to opportunity. It integrates all of the advisement, learning support and career counseling to provide full service to our students. This unique concept, the only facility of its kind in New Jersey, is implemented in a physical structure expressly designed for this very purpose.

CAS and its programmatic offerings are designed to help Kean University realize its mission of educational access and excellence for its students. The primary goal of the center is to address the academic and informational needs of Kean University's students. It is regardless of their level of academic preparation.

The Center also has the goal of improving the quality, consistency and availability of academic support services to students. Through these efforts, CAS will seek to improve the retention and persistence to graduation rates for the University.

For more information, see the Center for Academic Success website.

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