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Writing is one of the skills addressed by Kean University's General Education Program. At the conclusion of the General Education experience, students should demonstrate appropriate levels of ability in writing for formulating and developing a thesis, organizing an essay, addressing an audience (choosing purpose, diction, style, tone, and strategy), and using conventions of standard English (syntax, usage, spelling, punctuation, etc.). Students begin their writing studies in the appropriate format of College Composition, as determined through placement testing upon entry to the University. They continue to develop their writing skills through GE distribution courses approved for meeting university goals for writing and other skills, and they demonstrate their achievement as writers in the major through a capstone writing emphasis course. The information presented is consistent with the University's writing policy and expectations for student writing and learning.

The mission statement for the General Education Program provides a broad and meaningful framework for the development of students' writing skills over time:

The General Education Program at Kean University is the intellectual center of University life. Its mission is to encourage students to be active, reflective, and problem-solving learners; to value excellence; to understand and respect diversity; and to be confident, competent humanbeings who can adapt to change and can choose to influence the world in positive ways.

The mission encompasses the following goals: to enhance students' abilities to understand themselves and others, as well as the world in which they live; to increase their understanding of the forces that have shaped the world; to extend their awareness of issues affecting the present and the future; to expand their understanding of diverse human achievements; to develop their sensibilities, values, understandings, and imaginations so that may live and work intelligently, effectively and responsibly; to offer students a context for learning that focuses on the ongoing development of skillsthroughout the undergraduate years; and to offer students a curriculum that integrates knowledge and skills in the liberal arts and sciences withknowledge and skills in the major.

The General Education Program delineates the knowledge, skills, and dispositions students will acquire.It supports students' achievement within their major fields and increases students' familiarity with areas of knowledge outside their major fields.General Education focuses on individual learners and guides them to reach their potential in oral and written communication, computation, creativity, and critical thinking. It develops a foundation formaking judgments on issues of values, morals, and ethics. It enhances students' aesthetic appreciation, and it kindles a curiosity that that encouragesidentification and exploration of new interests. This knowledge and these skills and dispositions serve as the basis for assessment in the General Education Program.

For more information, see the General Education Program website.

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