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The Committee

The Writing Emphasis Committee is a standing committee of the Faculty Senate. Members are elected in the annual Faculty Senate election, following prescribed guidelines for length of term, rotation among departments, and representation from the academic colleges. The bargaining unit also appoints a representative to the committee. The WE Committee membership for 2008-2009 includes
Linda Best (Chair), Sharon Boyd-Jackson, Paul Croft, Fred Fitch, Jo Hoffman, Cheryl Krause-Parello, Chrisler Pitts, Gladys Torres-Baumgarten, and Gail Verdi.

WE Policy

Current WE policy requires a writing-intensive experience in an advanced major course, most often the senior capstone. In this course, students complete a project demonstrating the academic skills, including writing, that they have developed through General Education Academic Foundations and distribution courses as well as the major sequence.

2007-2008 Writing Emphasis Committee Report

In April 2008, the WE Committee presented a report to the Faculty Senate summarizing their two-year study on writing services and resources at other institutions, especially the public colleges in the State. Findings in the report supported the Committee's recommendation for a University Task Force on Writing to review/revise WE policy as well as develop a university-rubric for writing evaluation and to consider expansion of the WE Committee's composition and charge relative to curriculum review and approval for WE policy. The Senate unanimously approved a motion to establish a Task Force to these ends during the 2008-2009 academic year.

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