Dr. Xiaobo Yu







Dr. Xiaobo YU

Professor, Biological Sciences
Kean University

1000 Morris Ave, Union, New Jersey, USA 
Office Phone: (01) 908-737-3664/3650
Fax: (01) 908-737-3666
e-mail: xyu@kean.edu

Left: Posing with a 400-million-year-old lower jaw of Psarolepis romeri (Yu, 1998), a primitive sarcopterygian fish from the Early Devonian of Yunnan, China. (Click here to see illustration in Nature). Click to see BBC online report for related research.

Education Ph.D. in Biology, Yale University (1990). M.Sc. in Paleontology. Graduate School, University of Science & Technology of China (1981)[Renamed Gaduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2000].

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Research Areas (scroll down to see links for publications, CV etc.)
Early vertebrate evolution, Evolution of Sarcopterygian Fishes, Phylogenetics, Vertebrate Anatomy
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Major Publications including 4 joint papers in Nature

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July 1, 2008