Dr. Xiaobo YU

Professor, Biological Sciences

Background: Life reconstruction of a Silurian placoderm Entelognathus
Image credit: Brian Choo, co-author of Zhu et al. 2013 (Nature 502:188-93)

Yale University - 1990

Ph.D. in Biology

(Dissertation: Cladistic analysis of sarcopterygian relationships with a description of three new genera of Porolepiformes from the Lower Devonian of E. Yunnan, China. 317 pp. Advisor: Dr. Keith S. Thomson).

University of Science & Technology of China - 1981

M.Sc. in Paleontology. Graduate School

(Thesis: A new genus of crossopterygian fish from the Lower Devonian of Yunnan, China. Advisor: Dr. Meemann Chang; research conducted at IVPPā€”the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology & Paleoanthropology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing; in Chinese).


A Silurian placoderm with osteichthyan-like marginal jaw bones.

Nature, 502(7470), 188-193. Authors: Zhu, M., Yu, X., Ahlberg, P. E., Choo, B., Lu, J., Qiao, T. & Zhu, Y. A.


A primitive fish close to the common ancestor of tetrapods and lungfish.

Nature, 418(6899), 767-770. Authors: Zhu, M. & Yu, X.


A primitive fossil fish sheds light on the origin of bony fishes.

Nature, 397(6720), 607-610. Authors: Zhu, M., Yu, X. & Janvier, P.