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Areas of Expertise

  • Process and Performance Management
  • Decision Support
  • Total Quality Management
  •  Business Analytics
  • Innovation Support
  • Training
  • Teaching

Courses Taught

  • MGS 2150 - Business Statistics and Applications
  • MGS 3110 - Managerial Decision Modeling
  • MGS 4010 - Operations Management

Teaching Philosophy

My main objective in any class that I teach is to present difficult concepts in an easy and interesting way for the students. I use formative and summative assessments to ensure the students grasp the course learning outcomes. Moreover, I believe connecting with the students makes them feel more comfortable with the course materials.  So, I foster interaction and encourage the students to participate in class. I always try to share with the students the different career paths that they may pursue, and how the variety of courses taught will have a positive impact on them during college and after graduation.