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Fall 2021 Semester

Learn more about the University’s health and safety protocols to help protect the campus community from COVID-19 and reduce the spread of the virus.

Multicultural Affairs

Multicultural Affairs promotes academic, professional, group and individual excellence for all students, faculty and staff that are traditionally underrepresented and underserved in institutions of higher education. The center strives to educate our Cougar community on best practices in the pocket areas diversity, equity and inclusion.

Student group exits the STEM building

Mission of Multicultural Affairs

Being that communication and development is ever-changing in practice; we should anticipate the needs of the space to be flexible and accommodate the areas of concern regularly. The center will assist the institution in developing a tangible community space for shared goals, provide resources and opportunities to learn about:

  • Access to academic resources that are informational, social, cultural and recreational
  • Intentional interaction and engagement with sensitive* subject matter (ie. political views, religious views, sexuality, etc.)
  • Integration a space where all are welcome to listen, engage, learn, ask questions, commit to doing the work

Clubs and Organizations

If you are interested in joining a multicultural club or organization visit Cougar Link to see an extensive list of what Kean offers.

If a club or organization you are interested in is not listed or active, email and we can share information on how you can get involved in creating a multicultural organization. 


The Multicultural Center located in Townsend 116 will continue to provide opportunities to gain a sense of cognitive complexity of each minoritized community that specializes in the learning and development of bystander into an ally by providing opportunities for intrapersonal development understanding identity that focuses on position, respect, responsibility, cultural and social awareness with hope to build a meaningful community relationship, collaboration and practical competence to counteract working silos described.

Consistent with the University mission, the Multicultural Center is committed to developing a program that can create learning outcomes and experiences for our students. This will be space that departments can collaborate with and then branch into the development of identity spaces (ie. Black, LGBTQIA+, POC, Women’s, etc.) that may develop in the near future that allow our students to celebrate their identities year-round while our Program Coordinator focuses on the celebration, education and empowerment of related programs each month. 

For updates on what’s happening in our area follow us on Instagram @keandeioffice.

Native American Heritage Month Events


LGBTQ+ Resources

The Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is committed to recognizing our students, faculty and staff of all backgrounds, gender expressions, sexualities and identities. 

In Spring 2022, Safe Zone Training will become available for organizations and departments on campus to promote inclusive education for the LGBTQ+ community.