One of the best ways for learning anything is through telling stories. Stories are not new. They have transmitted heritages and values from before the time of the Hellenic epics, the Iliad and the Odyssey. They can be the basis of curricula, as in the case of Socratic Arts' Story-Centered Curriculum, in which students learn by taking on appropriate roles in a simulation, or story. Shell's Global Stories (no longer available online) are stories designed to aid managers in making decisions.

Digital storytelling carries on the tradition of stories through using various electronic media. One medium is VoiceThread, which allows you to "talk about and share your images, documents, and videos." It also allows viewers (if they have permission) to comment on individual slides, either in writing or orally, thus allowing for peer input and interaction. In addition to storytelling, VoiceThread can be used for

  • different forms of language practice,
  • presentations, speeches, and debates, and
  • learning, portfolio, and reflections.

For more information on using VoiceThread, see these resources:

Other online tools for storytelling and presentations include

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The list goes on and on. For a larger list, see Cybrary Man's Digital Story Telling links.

For those interested in writing (and reading) hypertext stories, check out

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