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Majors/Degrees:  Degree Overview

College of Natural, Applied and Health Sciences
Overview of Academic Degree Programs

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Within the College of Natural, Applied and Health Sciences are:

  • five(5) Schools:

                    School of Computer Science
                    School of Environmental and Sustainability Sciences (SESS)
                    School of Mathematical Sciences
                    School of Natural Sciences (SONS)
                    School of Nursing

    Undergraduate Degree Options
    Within those academic units above, the College of Natural, Applied and Health Sciences offers competitive quality programs leading to Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts Degrees in many disciplines with over 30 degree options/specializations.

    Graduate Degree Options
    At the graduate level, we currently offer five (5) graduate programs.
    The School of Computer Science offers the Master of Science in Computer Information Systems. The School of Nursing offers four (4) graduate degree options - a Master of Science in Nursing (M.S.N) :Clinical Management Option, a Master of Science in Nursing(M.S.N) : Community Health Nursing Option, and a Master of Science in Nursing(M.S.N) : School Nursing Option....and a PhD in Nursing Educational Leadership.

    Minors Options
    Minors are available in many areas within our College. If you would like to minor in a discipline within our college it might be good to talk this over with your advisor and /or the head of school/dept you are majoring in for help with fitting your course requirements into your schedule.

    Live in Southern New Jersey?
    Bachelors degrees in Biology and Computer Science are also available at our KeanOcean campus , as well as the Masters degrees in Nursing (all three options). Guidesheets for all academic degree programs are available from the University Center for Academic Success website. Explore them at your convenience.

    Additional questions?
    contact the Executive Directors/Coordinators within your area of interest.