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Majors/Degrees:  Undergraduate

Undergraduate majors are offered in the following disciplines. Click on the discipline to see the degree type/options available.

Computer Science
Information Technology (Computer Science Department)
Earth Science
Mathematical Science
Medical Technology
Sustainability Science

B.A. in Biology 
    General Option
    Teacher Certification Option
    Pre-OT Option
    Pre-PA Option
    Pre-PT Option

B.S. in Biology
    Cell & Molecular Option
    Environmental Option
    Health Professions Option

B.A. in Chemistry 
    General Option
    Preprofessional Option
    Teacher Certification Option
    Technical Sales and Marketing Option

B.S. in Chemistry
    ACS Certified Chemical Instrumentation Option
    ACS Certified Expanded Option

B.S. in Computer Science 
    Computer Science
    Computer Science -Information Systems Option

B.S. in Information Technology   (Computer Science Dept) 
    Information Technology

B.A. in Earth Science 
    General Option
    Dual Certification Option (for Teachers of Students with Disabilities
                                          and K-12 Earth Science)
    Teacher Certification Option K-12

B.S. in Earth Science 
    Geo-Science Option
    Environmental Science Option

B.A. in Mathematical Sciences 
    General Option
    Statistics Option
    Teacher Certification Option
    Teacher of Students with Disabilities Option

B.S. in Medical Technology 
    General Option
    Cytotechnology Option
    Histotechnology Option

B.S.N. in Nursing 

B.S. in Sustainability Science