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ACADEMICS: Schools / Departments

School of Computer Science
B.S. in Computer Science, B.S. in Computer Science-Information Systems, B.S. Information Technology
M.S. in Computer Information System

Photo of Willis Hall, the building where the Deparment of Computer Science is located.


The School of Computer Science prepares students to think critically and creatively; to succeed in challenging careers in computing and information tehnology, or pursue graduate degrees; to adapt to changing technological and social environments in a global economy.

The School of Computer Science office is located in the North Avenue Academic Building (NAAB) - second floor.

School of Environmental and Sustainability Sciences (SESS)
B.S. in Biology, B.S. in Earth Science, B.S. in Sustainability Sciences

School of Environmental and Sustainability Sciences Photo



As part of the College of Natural, Applied, and Health Sciences at Kean University and located in Union, New Jersey we offer several undergraduate degree programs and options of study within the School of Environmental and Sustainability Sciences. These include Earth Sciences, Environmental Biology, Environmental Science, and Sustainability Science. Our programs of study are committed to preparing students comprehensively in the environmental and sustainability sciences by providing significant hands-on and in-field experiences and research activities critical to their career development as practicing scientists. Our programs are diverse in order to capture the breadth and scope of science in a manner that produces relevant findings that apply to human systems as they interact, respond to, and drive the local environment in terms of air, sea, and land; and with plant and animal systems at all levels of inquiry. SESS provides many academic year and summer opportunities for our students' professional development, including international learning and travel, internship experiences, presentation of research work at professional conferences, and much more.

The School of Environmental and Sustainability Sciences main office is located in the Science Building - third floor.

School of Natural Sciences (SONS)

B.A. in Biology, B.A. in Chemistry, B.S. in Chemistry B.S. in Medical Technology, B.S. in Biology - Cell and Molecular option, B.S. in Biology - Health Professions Option

Photo of the  building named Bruce Hall where alot of the Schools classrooms are located.  The main office is on the first floor.



The School of Natural Sciences (SONS) is where academic and research programs foster an environment of excellence in student achievement. Faculty and students in SONS are interested in understanding the physical and natural world. Advances in biology, chemistry, and physics promise solutions to many of humankind's most pressing problems -- from fighting disease to creating innovative practices in science. Our faculty and staff have decades of experience in helping our graduates to succeed as teachers, health-care professionals and research scientists. We work together to achieve student success and maximize learning potentials. The School offers programs in areas from Biological Sciences, Chemistry/Physics and preparing students for the pre health-related professions. Our graduates can be found working in industry, teaching in K-12 schools, practicing in healthcare facilities, or furthering their education at postgraduate levels.

The School of Natural Sciences (SONS) main office is located in the Science Building - first floor.

School of Nursing

B.S. in Nursing, B.S.N. in Nursing
M.S.N. Master of Science in Nursing

School of Nursing. Photo of hallway on the first floor.




The School of Nursing faculty is committed to providing students with advanced knowledge and skills through inspired mentoring and superior instruction. Programs are well adapted to the needs of adult learners, many of whom are also full-time practitioners of Nursing. The School of Nursing fosters a culture that encourages dialogue and mutual respect, contributing to students’ development as critical thinkers and innovators unafraid to take the risks necessary to pioneer new practices. The School of Nursing faculty is comprised of scholars, researchers, and dedicated practitioners.

The School of Nursing (SON) main office is located in the North Avenue Academic Building (NAAB) - third floor.


School of Mathematical Sciences

B.A. in Mathematical Sciences

View of the Science Building from the parking lot side.  Department of Mathematics is in this Building.


A major in the mathematical sciences is designed to fulfill several objectives: to develop mathematical reasoning through problem solving, to investigate the mathematical theory which facilitates an understanding of mathematical applications, to provide background for careers in applied mathematics and computer science or teaching of secondary school mathematics, and to prepare for graduate studies in the mathematical sciences.

The School of Mathematical Science main office is located in the Science Building - 2nd floor.