Quick Links for Kean University

We encourage everyone to take some time to look through the University's website and become familiar with the various departments and programs listed.  Below we are providing a series of 'quick links' which we thought would be of value.  If there is a link that you think should be available and isn't on our list at the moment, please drop us a note at profdev@kean.edu and we will update the list. 


Quick links to department websites
Website Description
Academic Technology Home page
Administrative Report A link can be found on the main Kean homepage. This link is updated weekly when the Report is issued
Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Statement
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Alumni Kean Alumni Association
Board of Trustees Information about the Kean University Board of Trustees
Business Card Request Order form can be found under 'University Relations' section
Career Development / Travel Office of Research & Sponsored Programs
Center for Professional Development Academic Technology Support Service
Child Care & Development Center The mission of the Kean University childcare center is to provide for the care and education of children, ages two and a half through five, whose parents are students or employees of Kean University.
Classroom & Conference Support Academic Technology Classroom and Conference Support Services
Colleague Information about the Colleague system can be found at this link
Colleges homepages Links to the 5 Colleges can be found on the Kean home page
Computer  & Information Services (OCIS) Computer  & Information Services (OCIS) homepage
Computer Related Policy Computer Related Acceptable Use Policy
Cougar e-mail Direct link to email
Cougar's Byte Online Student Publication
Day Care Offer early care and education to the students and employees of the University.
Directory Kean University Faculty/Staff office extensions and email
Distance Education Academic Technology Support Service
Events Calendar Kean University monthly events: Theatre Productions, Workshops, Conferences (slow load)
Facilities and Campus Planning Online work requests for repairs
Faculty Office Hour  (online at KeanWISE) Print or view a copy of the step-by-step documentation on how to enter faculty office hours either via Kean WISE.
Faculty Resources Office of the President
Board of Trustees
Online request forms
Human Resources
State Benefits
Faculty and Staff Directory
FERPA Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Policy
Foundation Kean University Foundation
Grants Office of Research & Sponsored Programs
Human Resources An assortment of forms and information
Intranet Print Center
Computer Services (OCIS)
Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
Online work request
Academic Technology
Kean Public Safety and Campus Police Kean Public Safety and Campus Police homepage and documents
Maps and Directions To our campus
Microsoft Office Professional 2003 Download a copy for your home computer to maintain compatibility with your laptop/desktop files. Must use Cougar e-mail login.
Mission Statement Kean University Mission Statement
myWebCT Log in to myWebCT
NJ Transit Information Train and Bus Schedules
Organizational Chart Kean University Organizational Chart
Phone Book A print copy in PDF format can be found at this site under 'Telecommunications'
Phone Directory An online version of the directory can be found at this site
Police Kean University Department of Public Safety and Police
Print Center /Duplication Must have a cost center account.
Reappointment Information Calendar
Library Reappointment Form
Library Reappointment
Look under the heading: 'Faculty Forms' 
Research Compliance Form for review by the Institutional Review Board - IRB - Office of Research & Sponsored Programs
Research Support Office of Research & Sponsored Programs
Seal/Logo Kean University Seal image
Student Technology Lab Academic Technology Support Service for students. Housed in the Library, room L 133.
Tenure Track Faculty Network The Tenure Track Faculty Network (TTFN) is a peer group that provides professional and social support for tenure track faculty.
Training & Production Support Academic Technology Service
Travel (Conference) Office of Research & Sponsored Programs
Ultimate Survey Login to Ultimate Survey
University Relations University Relation's homepage
WISE Information about the KeanWISE system can be found at this link
WebCT Homepage WebCT Information and Support
WebCT Faculty Support Request Form Form for assistance with WebCT
WebCT New/Renew Course Request Form for requesting or renewing a WebCT course