Geology Field Trips





As you study each topic in geology, geologists will take you to the field and show you the phenomena you have studied.

Field trips have distinct advantages. Rocks and fossils in the field are easier to understand; you see them in context, and as they are in nature, not as small lab specimens.


We run field trips on Saturdays.    The date for yours has been announced in lecture; the date varies with each class. We leave the parking lot in front of Science building at 9am sharp. We will meet by the flag between Science and Hennings Hall, in the parking lot facing Morris Avenue.





























Most field trips  go to  Northern New Jersey and adjacent Pennsylvania, and study the rocks and fossils there. You need a coat and hat, gloves, strong comfortable shoes, long pants and long sleeve shirt, plus a backpack, bottle of water, lunch/snack, a small notebook, a pencil, bugspray and sunblock. Bring your camera, phone; a compass and level if you have them. Professor Smart will bring Brunton compasses, rock hammers, and all the maps we need. Trips occur regardless of weather, so be prepared with foul weather gear if appropriate. In past years the weather has been cold (note the jackets), or blazing hot (T-shirts). Be prepared.

These pictures show just a few of the localities we visit. More details are here: Trip.doc