GEOL 1200 Fall 2013   Section 05

Meeting Times:         
GEOL 1200 Section 05 Tues. Thurs 4:30pm to 7:15pm

Meeting Place:        Room T-211 (Townsend)

Text:                      The Changing Earth: Exploring Geology and Evolution by James S. Monroe and Reed Wicander

Lab Manual:          "Geologic Laboratory Manual: Geology from New Jersey" by
                                Metz, Rockman and Meyerson. Available in class, free.

Instructor:               Prof. Charles L. Smart                                    
                                Department of Geology and Meteorology                                    
                                E-mail address:                                    

Office Hours:             By appointment, 908-737-3738. I am often in the Petrography laboratory C-327, on the third floor of Science Building, before class.


Course Materials:


General Comments      In this introductory course on geology we will learn to interpret the physical aspects of the Earth from the point of view of the Plate Tectonics paradigm. The biological history of the earth will be seen to be, in part, a function of both slow continental movements with climate and topography changes, and sudden natural catastrophes.  In the laboratory, we will learn the basic skills of the field geologist.


An optional, no credit, field trip will be provided for interested students. Attendance by Department Majors is required.



There will be a Midterm (30%) and a Final Test (30%). 

Quizzes will count for 30%. The questions will come from the lecture, homework/practice, quizzes, reading, and laboratories.

A Lab Final will count toward the remaining 10% of your grade.  All tests in regular classroom.

Test Topics and Tentative Test Schedule

Quiz 1                                                Up to Weathering and Soils                                   September 24th
Quiz 2                                                Up to Streams and Groundwater                          October 15th
Midterm                                            Up to Streams and Groundwater                           October 17th
Quiz 3                                                Up to Interpreting the Past                                     November 12th
Lab Final                                           All laboratory topics Practicum                             December 5th
Quiz 4                                                Up to Cenozoic lectures                                     December 10th
Final                                                   Remaining plus past topics                                   December 12th


Attendance:               Attendance is required.

Disabilities       If you have a disability and need any sort of special accommodations, please see me prior to the first test.

Academic Honesty  The academic integrity policies for Kean University are here:

Students are expected to be aware of and abide by these policies completely.

The use of a wireless device is never permitted during any quiz or test.


TENTATIVE Lecture and Exam Schedule

Tuesday/ Thursday                                           Reading                                                             Topics for the Lecture__________________

Sep. 3-5                                               Chapters 1, 2 in part;3                         Introduction; the Plate Tectonics paradigm; Minerals

Sep. 10-12                                           Chapters 4; 5                                       Igneous Rocks; Volcanoes

Sep. 17-19                                           Chapters 6; 7 in part                            Weathering& Soils; Sedimentary Rocks

Sep. 24-26                                           Quiz1, Chapter 8; 17                          Tues Quiz 1, Metamorphic Rocks; Geologic Time

Oct. 1, 3                                              Ch 9; 10                                              Folds, Faults & Mountains; Earthquakes


Oct. 8-10                                             Chapters 2 and 16; 12 and 13             Oceans & Continents; Streams & Groundwater

Oct. 15,17                                           Quiz2, Review; Midterm;                  Tues Quiz 2, Review; Thurs. Midterm

Oct 22-24                                            Chapters 14; 15                                   Glaciers; Deserts;

Oct. 29-31                                           Chapter 16; 18                                    Coasts and Shorelines; Interpreting the past

Nov. 5-7                                              Chapter 19, Lab; Review, Lab            Precambrian; Geologic Maps Lab; Review for Quiz 3

Nov. 12-14                                          Quiz3, Chapter 20; 21                        Tues Quiz 3 Paleozoic Geology; Paleozoic Life

Nov. 19-21                                          Chapters 22 start, finish                      Mesozoic Geology, Mesozoic Life

Nov. 26-28                                          Chapter 23                                          Cenozoic Geology and Life; No class, Thanksgiving

Dec.3-5                                               Lab Practice; Lab Practicum             Lab Practice; Thurs: Give out Lab Takehome and Lab Practicum 

Dec. 10,12                                           Quiz4, Review; Final, Lab Final      Tues Quiz4, Review, Thurs. Final and Lab Takehome due