GEOL 3266 Summer 1 2013

Meeting Times and Places:  
Monday -Thursday 1:45 pm in Science C-336



Instructor:                 Prof. Charles L. Smart                                    
                                    Department of Geology and Meteorology
                                    E-mail address: csmart@kean.edu
                                    Lectures: http://www.kean.edu/~csmart/Hydrology/Lectures

Text:                          "Hydrology and Floodplain Analysis” by Bedient, Huber and Vieux
                                   Prentice Hall. 5th Edition Available at the bookstore.


Office Hours:             Tuesday, 1 pm prior to class in C-327, or by appointment.


Equipment:                Each student needs a scientific calculator. The best, by far, is the TI-30XA which costs less than $11.


General Comments:     We will study the tools and methods of work of the Hydrologist.

Grades will be based on two tests (25% each), quizzes, class participation and preparedness (25%), and one group project (25%). All tests in regular classroom.


Attendance:  Students are expected to check their homework with their classmates and discuss project progress with their groups at the beginning of class. Students are expected to correctly answer questions about prior work during class.


The Project will involve the study of a watershed in New Jersey which has a working gauging station at its outlet, and several rain gauges within or nearby. Students will:

1. explore the watershed, taking photographs of major streams, gauges, retention and detention basins, and other structures as found, and all members of the project team in their field area, and

2. apply applicable hydrologic methods to the data, including the preparation of  a storm hydrograph and pertinent storm hyetographs for the same storm, and

3. will discover the history of past flood events and changes made to prevent floods,  to include interviews with residents,

4. and will prepare a PowerPoint presentation, with all group members speaking, at the end of the year. Each student will prepare and present at least three PowerPoint slides for their group’s presentation, each slide clearly marked with their name. Your grade for the project will depend in part on your team-mates and class-mates appraisal of your work.


Topic groups                        Lecture                                                   Lab/HW                                          Chapter        .                                                                                    


Part 1

1                                             Intro                                                Units / Slope and Area                            PowerPoints

2                                   Weather, Streams, Groundwater                 Weather and Streams                       Ch 1, PowerPoints

3                                    Watersheds, Water Balance                      Water Balance                                       Ch.1

4                               Hyetographs, Theissen, Intro Hydrograph         Thiessen                                             Ch. 1

5                              Evaporation: Water Budget, Mass Transfer      Dalton, H&M, Kohler                          Ch. 1

6                                Infiltration: Horton, Area, Phi                          Horton, Phi                                        Ch. 1

7                                  Hydrograph Analysis, Net Storm rainfall        Basin Area                                         Ch. 2

8                                         Routing: Time-Area Methods                  Time-Area Routing                             Ch. 2

9                                          Unit Hydrographs                                   UH construction                                 Ch.2

10                                       S-Curve Method                                      S-Curve Method                                 Ch. 2

11                                       UH Convolution                                Storm Hydrograph from UH                     Ch. 2

*12                                     UH Deconvolution                            UH from Storm Hydrograph         Ch.2, PowerPoint & handout

Test 1 on covered parts of Chapters 1 and 2 and Labs/Homework completed.

*Topic 12 is covered on Test 2





Part 2

1                          Histograms, Probability, Return                                 T-year Flood                                    Ch. 3       

2                               Binomial Distribution                                          k floods in n years                             Ch. 3

3                                Flood Control Design                                           Flood Control Design                     Ch. 4, handout

4                                Reservoir Routing                                         Reservoir Storage Routing                     Ch. 4

5                         Hydrologic River Routing: Muskingum                    Muskingum Routing                        Ch. 4

6                              Detention Basin Routing                                   Runge-Kutta Routing                          Ch. 4

7                           Movement of a Flood Wave                            Manning’s Equation, Celerity                   Ch. 4

8                                Froude Numbers                                                Froude Numbers                               Ch. 4

9                   Open Channel Flow, Manning’s Eqn.                           Uniform Flow                                     Ch. 7

10                    Specific Energy, Bernoulli’s Equation                         Critical Flow                                     Ch. 7

11                                    Head Loss                                                       Head Loss                                       Ch. 7

12                              Hydraulic Jump                                                   Sluice Gate                                       Ch. 7

13                           Groundwater Concepts                                Darcy’s Law, Conductivity                        Ch. 8

14                      Steady-State Well Hydraulics                                Cone of Depression                              Ch. 8

15                                 Slug Tests                                                    Bouwer and Rice Method                     Ch. 8



Test 2 on covered parts of Chapters 3, 4, 7, 8 and Labs / Homework completed.