GEOL 3261 – MINERALOGY Section 02   FALL 2011

Prof. Charles L. Smart  Office: Science Building C-341






Office hours:  Monday 3-4 pm


Scheduled Meetings - Lecture and Lab: Mon 4:30 - 7:15 p.m., Thurs 7:30 - 10:15 p.m.


Room: Monday Lecture Hennings 109, Thursday Lecture and Lab Science C-340.


Course objectives:  We will study the important minerals. Students will learn to identify hand specimens of minerals using their appearance, crystallography, and physical and chemical properties. We will also introduce identification methods from Optical Mineralogy and X-ray Diffraction.


Grading:   Your grade will be based on a Midterm and Final (60%), a mineral identification test (15%), 1 term paper (10%), a field trip report (5%) and lab assignments (10%)


Field Trip:    An all day Saturday trip to the Franklin-Ogdensburg Mine District, with zinc and iron ores and some very rare minerals. Date to be announced.  Bring money for food.


Required text:     Klein, C. and Dutrow, B. The 23rd edition of Manual of Mineral Science.  John Wiley & Sons. 


Selverstones:  Optical Mineralogy in a nutshell. Three Powerpoints in your Lectures folder courtesy of Prof. Jane Selverstone.

                        Approximate order of Topics 

Lecture 1 - Crystal Systems, Miller Indices, Hermann-Mauguin, Stereo Plots

Lab – Recognition of common minerals  (continued from introduction day)

Lecture 2 – Review of Elements and Ions

Lab – Wooden Models: Symmetry and Miller Indices

Prep for next Lab

Lecture 3 – Review of Bonding and Ionic Radii

Lab - Intro to the Petrographic Microscope:

Grain mounts, Isotropic and Anisotropic Minerals

Lecture 4 part a - Coordination of Ions
                part b Pauling’s Rules and Visualizing Crystal Structures

Lecture 5 - Mineral Formula Calculations

Lab – Coordination Principles; Atomic Structure from model construction

Lecture 6 – Thermodynamics

Lab – Coordination Lab (continued)

Lecture  7  Phase Diagrams and Eh-pH diagrams

Lab - Packing 2, Halite and Fluorite

Lecture 8 – 9 External Symmetry

Lab – Intro to X-ray Diffraction


Lecture 10 - Mineral Resources and Mining

Review of Topics Covered

FIELD TRIP meets 9am at the Flagpole between Science and Hennings




Lecture 11 Crystal Forms and Twinning

Lab: Recognizing Minerals with Forms and Twins


Lecture 12 2-D Internal Symmetry
Lab:  Grain Mounts and Becke Lines


Lecture 13 3-D Internal Symmetry
Lab:  Conoscopic Observations                


Lecture 14 Native Elements and Sulfides

Lab – Elements, Sulfides


Lecture 15 part a - Halides and Sulfates

Lab – Halides and Sulfates


Lecture 15 part b - Oxides, Hydroxides, Carbonates and others

Lab - Oxides, Hydroxides Carbonates and others


Lecture 16 Silicates I: Introduction, Nesosilicates, and Sorosilicates

Lab: Nesosilicates and Sorosilicates


Lecture 17 Silicates II: Inosilicates, Cyclosilicates, Phyllosilicates and Tectosilicates

Lab - Inosilicates, Cyclosilicates, Phyllosilicates and Tectosilicates


Review for Final

MINERAL IDENTIFICATION TEST (One (1) Hour) hand specimens