ES 1000 Summer 2012 Session II

Meeting Time:         
MTWTh 10:20-11:55 am

Meeting Place:        Room Science C-340

Text:                       Earth by Graham R. Thompson and Jonathan Turk, available at the bookstore

Instructor:              Prof. Charles L. Smart                                    
                                Department of Geology and Meteorology
                                E-mail address: csmart@kean.edu
                                Lecture Notes: http://www.kean.edu/~csmart/Observing/Lectures/

Office Hours:           After class, or by appointment, Room C-341


Equipment: Each student needs a scientific calculator.


General Comments     In this introductory course on the earth we will learn to observe and interpret aspects of the Earth, including life, rock, water and air.


There will be a total of three (3) Tests worth 30 percent each. See the schedule below. Graded portions of your homework will be worth a total of 10% of your grade. Test questions will come from the lecture, reading and homework.


Test Locations: All tests in the normal lecture room.


Attendance Attendance is required. Some portion of each homework will be graded. Some of the material discussed in class will not be in the text.  Only by coming to class will you be able to get an accurate impression of what will be stressed on the tests.

Disabilities     If you have a disability and need any sort of special accommodations, please see me prior to the first test.

1. Introduction
2. Minerals
3. Rocks
4. Geologic Time
5. Geologic Resources
6. Plate Tectonics
7. Earthquakes
8. Volcanoes
9. Mountains
10. Weathering and Soils
11. Streams & Groundwater
12. Water Resources
13. Glaciers
14. Deserts
15. Ocean Basins
16. Oceans and Coastlines
17. The Atmosphere
18. Energy Balance in the Atmosphere
19. Weather
20. Climate
21. Climate Change




TENATIVE TEST SCHEDULE Changes announced in class

Test 1 Monday, July 16th up to Sedimentary and Metamorphic Rocks

Test 2 Wednesday, July 25th up to Streams & Groundwater

Test 3 Wednesday, August 8th, remaining lecture topics


Lecture AND TEST Schedule

Date         ____READING/Tests      _________ _______________________TOPICS______________________________

July 2,3, Holiday, 5 Lect. 1, Chs.6, 2, Holiday, Ch. 3 Scientific Method & Plate Tectonics, Atoms & Minerals, Ign. Rocks

July 9 - 12 Ch. 8, Ch. 10, Ch. 3 finish, Volcanoes, Weathering & Soils, Sedimentary & Met. Rocks,

July 16 - 19 T1, Ch. 4, 7, 15, Test 1, Geologic Time, Earthquakes, Ocean Basins (Plate Tectonics 2),

July 23 - 26 11, Lect. 13, T2, Ch. 16, Streams & GW, Observing, Test 2 , Oceans and Coasts,

July 30 Aug. 2 Ch. 13, 14, Ch. 17, 18-19 Cold Climate , Dry Climate, The Atmosphere, Weather

August 6-9 Ch. 20-21, Review, T3, Climate & Global Change, Review, Test 3, extra day if needed.