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Monday & Wednesday 1:00 - 3:00 pm

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Professional Background:

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Kean Activities:

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Since 1990 I have been an Asst Professor at Kean (College) University. Quality teaching has always been my first interest, but I found that most of my peers in industry and academia were men. So my early and recent research at Kean was in how to interest and recruit female students into Computer Science.

From 2011 to present I have been conducting research in improving recruitment of girls into Computer Science. Gail Carmichael from Carleton University and I are interested to see if educational games can teach CS principles and have a helping others theme and story, to encourage middle school girls to be interested in studying computer science. Gail's team created Gram's House to start this effort. In Spring 2012 I was granted a small SPF (student partnering with faculty) grant from Kean to conduct research using educational computer games to influence girls to study computer science in high school and college. My team of 3 undergraduate students and I created Gram's Grocery Shop to continue Gram's House and be more interesting for teenage girls with new puzzles. As the paper we have written and will be published in June 2013 states, we have had modest success with this effort, and plan to continue our research in the future. In January 2014 Dr. Elisabeth Gee of Arizona State University and Gail Carmichael and I submitted a proposal entitled The Role of Story in Games to Teach Computer Science Concepts to Middle School Girls to NSF DRL-AISL division for a Pathways grant and were awarded the grant in August 2014.

RTR Application Tables

Gram's Grocery Shop executable game can be downloaded from Gram's Grocery Shop

Gram's Grocery Shop game which requires GameMaker can be downloaded from Gram's Grocery Shop game

From 2007 - 2011 I have been interested in how to create a more collaborative approach to computing in all the computer classes, but especially in the first computer courses, and so I have been experimenting with PLTL (Peer-Led Team Learning) in early and Major Computer Science courses.

I feel that very young students in elementary schools often get convinced that college is too hard, especially in the sciences, and they are discouraged from trying for college. So from 2005 to 2009 I was the PI on a small grant from the CFES (College For Every Student Foundation) to help students from Harrison Elementary in Roselle NJ, and Abraham Clark High School mentors, to encourage them all to continue into college, thru an Early College Awareness Day at Kean every May for 4 years.

Teaching the following courses:

CPS 4931: Distributed Systems

CPS 3962: Object Oriented Systems Analysis and Design

CPS 1231: Fundamentals of Computer Science

Computer Science Curriculum

As chair of the Department of Computer Science Curriculum committee, the department has written a whole new curriculum including 3 revised majors:

Computer Science (Standard option and for graduate school)

Computer Science (Info Systems Option) - with 7 different optional tracks:

Accounting and Finance Applications

Management Applications

Web Systems Applications

Criminal Justice Applications

Biology Applications

Economics Applications

Psychology Applications



Information Technology



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