December 1, 2010 - January 26, 2011



"Since my arrival in the U.S, I have been inspired by my varied impressions of New York. It is there that I found the motifs for many of my paintings.
The appearance of only parts of the protagonists in my work may be striking, perhaps even peculiar, because most of my pictures show only one part of a person passing by in a street scene. My perception is influenced by photography and reflects reality fragmentarily.

Light and shadow are very important to me. Sometimes, I alter the reality: I change the light or the colors, so that the focus of my message is different.
In my paintings, I try to capture my experiences, my visual impressions and my perceptions of the atmosphere in the city when IÕm wandering the streets of New York. My intention is to throw light on the life of city-dwellers.

The open-endedness of my motifs is very important to me. My aim is to have the viewer interact with my subjects and color, to have a dialog between them, so the openness is essential.

For more information, please visit: www.eva-albert.net

-Eva Albert