September 2 - October 20, 2010

This year marks the 35th anniversary of The Design Studio at Kean University. 
The Design Studio is a workshop in which students in the Graphic Design program of the Robert Busch School of Design create professional quality,
pro-bono design work for non-profits and other agencies.

To honor this milestone, The James Howe Gallery in Vaughn-Eames will host an exhibition of the student work produced in The Design Studio.
The exhibition will feature award-winning posters, logos, publications, and other graphic work done by students over a rich 35-year history.  The exhibition demonstrates the changes in visual style over the years as well as developments in technology that have influenced graphic design 

The exhibition will run from September 2 through October 20 in the James Howe Gallery, Vaughn-Eames Hall, Kean University.

For Information Contact:  Professor Alan Robbins at 908 737-4430
or by email at