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African History



Jay Spaulding Professor Ph.D

Columbia University M.A.,
Columbia University B.A.,
Bethel College

Phone: 908-737-0262
Office: Townsend 107-B

Also see the Africa and Middle East History webpage. Courses taught: History of Civil Society in America, History of Western Civilization I, African History to 1885, African History Since 1885, Historical Survey of Islamic Civilization in the Near East, The Ottoman Empire, Senior Seminar in History

Dr. Spaulding is a social historian in the Annales School tradition.

Most of his research concerns the history of Northeast Africa. He has a particular interest in medieval Christian and early modern Islamic Nubia, and the legacy of this tradition to the contemporary Arab Sudan. He has also written about the western sultanates of Dar Fur and Wadai. His major contributions have derived from the gathering and analysis of Sudanese Arabic sources, including land charters and letters issued by pre-colonial governments, but primarily private legal documents generated by the new middle class that arose during the eighteenth century and flourished under colonialism during the nineteenth.